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Lawyer blogs getting new Google PageRank

Google is updating the PageRank asssigned to Web sites and blogs. Lawyer blogs will be effected with well done blogs probably receiving a higher PageRank. I noticed that LexBlog jumped from a 7 to an 8 and my blog jumped from a 6 to a 7.

Each Web site and blog on the net has a Google PageRank from zero to ten determining the ‘value’ of the site in comparison to other sites and blogs. The number and value of the links pointing to a blog or site determines its PageRank. The value is based on the PageRank of the page linking to the site. Relevance of the sites pointing to a site is key as well. Relevance meaning the content covered in the sites is similar. Google has more info on theirwebsite.

Dave Davies, CEO of Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning, has a good summary about the PageRank update analysis at Search Engine Journal.

  1. Google has raised the bar on PageRank, making it more difficult to attain a high level, or
  2. The way they are displaying their backlinks has changed, or
  3. The way they calculate the value of an incoming link has changed.

Davies says “Any of these are possible and as has been noted in the past as something they are willing to do. Additionally, it is possible for all to occur at the same time.” He also notes “Traditionally the search engine results will begin to fluctuate based on the new visible PageRank 3 to 7 days after they are visible.”

Davies has some sound words of wisdom for any lawyers freaked out by a reduced PageRank (heck, most lawyers don’t know what it is):

The first thing not to do is panic. Take a deep breath, PageRank is one factor of dozens that Google uses to determine the ranking of your page, it is not the only thing. Now, visit your main competitors sites – there’s a good chance you’ll see that they too dropped in PageRank. The plus side to these kinds of updates is that they’re universal. It’s not as if Google has it in for you specifically and so when they do an update, the positive and negative impact is felt by all.

Now, if you’ve noticed that everyone around you has stayed the same or increased in PageRank try to remember this, there’s nothing you can do about where you’re currently positioned in regards to PageRank and it will probably be another 3 months before Google updates the public PageRank again so … start building some good quality (high relevancy, solid PageRank) links, work towards and increase in the next update.

Panicking now won’t help, intelligent reaction will.

Good lawyer blogs, you’re in good shape. LexBlog coaches its law firm clients how to obtain links to their blog, not by requesting links from relevant sites with a high PageRank, but by writing good content, titling posts correctly, making use of what is published elsewhere and making effective use of the blogosphere. It’s no suprise good blogs achieve high ranking on the search engines.

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