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Two thirds of law blog readers don’t know they are visiting a blog

A new study from Nielsen//Netratings, found that almost 2/3 of blog readers don’t realize they are reading a blog. There’s no reason to expect visitors to law blogs to be any different than the general public.

Blog contrarians (usually with a vested interest in seeing that blogs not succeed) have been telling lawyers that blogs are not effective marketing tool because studies, such as those from the Pew Foundation, have found most people do not read blogs. My response has always been that Internet users wouldn’t know a blog if it in them in the face.

We now have hard evidence to support what has been well accepted theory amongst folks working the blogosphere that blog readership is underreported in surveys.

In a discussion about the findings at the WOMMA Metrics Conference one of the attendees made the observation that ‘Maybe ‘blog’ will just be a b2b (business to business) term that consumers will never embrace.’

I don’t know whether Internet users will be all over the term ‘blog’ or not. All I know is LexBlog’s law firm clients keep getting more and more visitors to their blogs and more and more exposure as a result. I have not had one client tell me they’re concerned about whether their thousands of blog visitors know whether they are on a blog or not.

Who cares? Call’em what you want. Blogs work for legal marketing.

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