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Blogging tools compared

Susannah Gardner, author of Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummies, has written a great article comparing blog tools. There’s even one heck of chart comparing the features of the various blog solutions. If you are a lawyer or law firm with the time to do the set up and learn to publish a marketing blog on your own, it’s required reading.

Gardner nails the reason LexBlog has chosen Movable Type (MT) as the blogging software best equipped to serve the legal profession.

As a blogging tool alone, Movable Type has nearly every feature you might desire, and continues to add more. Many of their users are highly technical themselves, and have created additional plug-ins that can be added to the standard installation. You might say that Movable Type is the blogging package chosen by bloggers who care what other bloggers think, and who notice and appreciate other Movable Type blogs. If you are looking for street ‘cred’ in the blogosphere, this is the software for you.

LexBlog is part of the MT professional network, monitors and tests the latest revisions of MT and regularly develops plug-ins to provide law firms the best in a professional marketing blog. If MT takes having tech folks on the LexBlog team who are a heck of a lot smarter than I, who cares. Good law firms deserve innovative Internet marketing providers dedicated to delivering the best.

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