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“Bittorrent for Dummies” coming this fall, legal marketing videos to follow

Susannah Gaardner posts she has completed another another book to help us folks in the blogging profession, ‘Bittorrent for Dummies.’

I am not a tech geek but I am smart enough to pick up on what may be a worthwhile tool for legal marketing. I heard the term ‘Bittorent’ a bunch during the Gnomedex conference a couple weeks ago, especially when it came to its use for sharing audio and video feeds. Have to confess that until I saw Susannah’s post, I did not even know what they were saying.

Turns out BitTorrent software can used to create, share and distribute large files like audio and video. Businesses and individuals are using the technology to distribute content and attract customers.

LexBlog is asked by current and prospective clients all the time about playing video on their blogs. It’s something we’re considering for future offerings. My impression so far is that extended play video costs a lot because of bandwidth. Having a video accessed once or twice is fine but having a few thousand people watch a video you’re producing each week or month runs into some serious dollars.

But the day is soon coming when we’re going to see low cost and easy to produce legal information videos being streamed across the Internet. BitTorrent may be part of the solution.

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