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FindLaw kicking lawyers off free law firm Web sites, Justia offers lawyers better search engine optimized sites at no cost

FindLaw is giving all the lawyers it has hosted on free law firm Web sites over the years the boot. Justia, the leading provider of search engine optimized law firm Web sites, is offering these lawyers free Web sites and offering an easy solution for migration of the FindLaw web site content.

Leave it to a company like Thomson FindLaw to not only make a short sited PR move like this but to give lawyers only 2 weeks to get their content off the FindLaw servers. Yesterday, Chris Fontes, the Senior Director of Strategic Marketing at FindLaw, notified law firms that FindLaw was shutting down their law firm web sites.

For the last several years, FindLaw has been hosting a Web site for you at no charge…. Because of technical and business constraints, we are no longer able to provide this service. We are writing to inform you that this site will be removed from our servers on August 1, 2005.

Kind of ironic that a huge company like Thomson FindLaw does not have the technical nor business capability to host such sites any longer. Justia, a new start-up, not only has the technical ability to host the sites but Justia does it on a sophisticated publishing platform, with excellent designs and with search engine optimization for each of the free Web sites.

This should be a red flag to all law firms considering using FindLaw for Web site development that FindLaw is not capable of keeping up with Justia on the lastest in Web site design, technology and search engine optimization.

The only thing FindLaw will keep up on is the price. Even when purchasing an upgraded Web site from Justia, lawyers will find Justia’s prices very reasonable. I tend to believe FindLaw’s prices are not too reasonable. FindLaw will call LexBlog to get information on our prices but FindLaw will not tell us their prices. From that and lawyers complaining about FindLaw’s prices, I can only assume they’re pretty high or at least high compared to what you get.

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