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Lawyer blogs help you get recognized as authority in your niche

Denise Wakeman has an excellent post this morning about getting recognized as an authority in your niche. The post arose out of her listening to a podcast interview between Michael Pollock of Savvy SoloCast and renowned copywriter, Bob Bly. Their topic was ‘How to Become a Recognized Expert.’

Bob’s basic point is that you must disseminate knowledge to your target audience.  You do this through articles, speaking, your website, your blog, etc.  The more your disseminate, the more your phone will ring.  A couple of things will make you a ‘mini-guru’:  persistent exposure (you’ve got to write, publish and speak consistently), and targeting a niche where you can be the guru.  If your expertise is management consulting, well, you know who the big gurus are in that field.  How can you differentiate yourself for a vertical market?  Manufacturing, Women Business Owners, IT Managers, etc. 

This is right on the money for lawyers. We have great lawyers from around the country contact LexBlog looking for an effective way to disseminate their intellectual capital. Yellow pages, billboards, TV, radio and the like was never appropriate for these lawyers. Traditional Web sites acting as brochures trying to get viewers via search engine optimization was also looked at with disfavor.

But blogs, like writing articles, speaking at seminars and doing interviews disseminate the lawyer’s knowledge – except faster. That’s why blogs are so attractive to the best lawyers around the country. Blogs by virtue of the content they post can cover a very focused area of law or target industry niche.

Denise does provide a warning, something always warn LexBlog’s clients and prospects of. “Your audience does not want to read a promo article about how great you are and the services you offer. They want to read useful how-to information.”

Like Denise says, “By giving them the knowledge they crave, you establish yourself as an authority and expert, even a mini-guru.”

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