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Micro Persuasion a/k/a Steve Rubel launches podcast

Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion, an expert on Internet PR fame and someone I have a lot of respect for, has launched a podcast where he’ll share more of his opinions on the intersection between PR/marketing and RSS and blogs. His first broadcast was posted this evening and I’m listening to it as share the news with you.

I like that Steve is keeping is podcasts short. This one is 12 minutes. Steve will need to pick up the pace of his speech or perhaps change his voice inflection from time to time. The public, right or wrong, is addicted to the up beat, authoritative and sexy sounds they hear on radio and TV. We cannot expect all podcasters to match that sound but they’ll need to jazz it up a bit to keep the audience’s attention.

Nonetheless, lawyers and legal marketing professionals wanting to learn more about effective Internet marketing and PR would be well served to add Steve’s Podcast feeds to your podcast subscriptions.