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Law Blogs not hype : Marketing survey confirms

Backbone Media has released the findings of its 2005 Corporate Blogging Survey. Blogs, as an effective marketing tool, win across the board, whether a small or large business. The findings should put to rest anecdotal off the cuff opinions of cynical lawyers and Web developers that law blogs are being over-hyped.

[W]e asked bloggers at hundreds of companies to participate in an online survey and conducted in-depth interviews with leading individuals from six corporate blogs that were selected as representative of the diverse spectrum of the corporate blogging world. What we discovered was that for the majority of our survey sample, (which includes some of today’s biggest corporations and scrappiest underdogs), corporate blogs are living up to all the hype. We discovered that corporate blogs are giving established corporations and obscure brands the ability to connect with their audiences on a personal level, build trust, collect valuable feedback and foster strengthened relationships while and at the same time benefiting in ways that are tangible to the sales and marketing side of the business.

Source of post: Radiant Marketing Group

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