By Kevin O'Keefe

Legal marketers, it’s time to incorporate RSS in marketing strategy

With Microsoft’s announcement to support RSS in its operating system and applications, Chris Pirillo, writes it’s time for marketers to include RSS in their business models.

Pirillo takes a detailed look at what Microsoft’s plans on RSS mean for marketers:

  • By being integrated in IE and other Microsoft software, RSS will achieve mass penetration. For marketers this means that RSS will finally become one of the standard tools of mass communication and content delivery.
  • Marketers will no longer (eventually, of course, when most of the world starts using the latest software versions) need to explain how to get an RSS reader, but will be able to focus only on presenting their business and benefits to the end-user.
  • Broader RSS integration in Microsoft’s tools will enable for additional RSS uses, far beyond basic content delivery in the form of stories, podcasts and products. Marketers and developers will be able to deploy rich interaction applications to make communication and business/personal interaction more fluent, easier and more effective.

As Chris says “this is now official.” Legal Marketers need to start taking the lead and implementing RSS feeds accross all their communicational innitiatives, from PR to direct marketing and sales.

The Longhorn operating system, with Microsoft’s incorporation of RSS, is not coming until late 1996. But that’s less than eighteen months away. If you’re not familiar with RSS and what it means for your law firm or your law firm clients, it’s time to get up to speed.

Kevin O'Keefe
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