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Law blogs : Movable Type or WordPress?

There’s a decent discussion going on over at ProBlogger about what’s better for blog software, Movable Type (MT) or WordPress.

As you’ll see from the discussion, there’s a lot of bent up anger against Six Apart produced Movable Type. This is the result of Six Apart’s decision last year to start charging for MT version 3.0 and additional fees for additional blog authors. Frankly, to sustain decent software and the company’s employed developers, it made sense to start charging. But that did not sit well with many good open source developers who have now gone over to WordPress.

Bottom line, if you’re working with good blog sofware, whether it be MT, WordPress or something else, it’s a good idea to have developers and programers available to pitch in. Blog software is constantly being upgraded and the upgrades always need to be tested with various modifications that may have been made to the software earlier. If you have some crack developers working on your system to get you the features you need, you should be okay.

LexBlog uses MT because Six Apart offered a more mature development community, including both developers employed by Six Apart and those using MT on their own, at the time we began offering our turnkey solution to lawyers.

We’ve made a lot of changes to the MT platform to better serve our clients. LexBlog’s also accumulated a lot of intellectual capital as to the inner workings of MT. We’ve overcome many of the problems mentioned at ProBlogger and feel good about the platform we’re offering to law firms.

WordPress is pretty good software and who knows, it may be used by more folks than MT down the road. But for now, LexBlog is sticking with a proven commodity.

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