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Law blog marketing success: IP Litigation Blog of Mann Law Group

Attorney Phil Mann is a contingent fee patent litigation lawyer who recently left a larger Seattle firm to start his own firm. With no marketing efforts other than a blog, here’s Mann’s quote in last week ALM’s Verdict Search:

“In eight months, my IP Litigation Blog has generated more business than 20 years of pressing the flesh, giving talks and other “traditional” marketing activities.

I only post items when I have something to say. This is contrary to the conventional wisdom that continuous posting is needed. I focus on my topic and offer what I hope are honest and insightful views. So far it’s working. As long as the e-mails keep coming in and the phone keeps ringing, why mess with success?

Additional plusses Mann has seen from his blog:

  • Outstanding search engine results – ranked #1 at both Google & Yahoo for IP Litigation, IP Litigation Law Firm (#2 at Yahoo), IP Litigation Lawyer and IP Litigation Law.
  • Interviews with media – Wall Street Journal, International IP publication and
  • Leading with a blog before a Web site or other marketing allowed him to move fast and at a low cost.
  • He and his blog are mentioned around the Internet on various other blog sites .
  • Allowed him to focus on niche audience via his content and tone – inventors whose intellectual property rights have been violated and who may have been turned away by large law firms asking to be paid on an hourly basis.

As way of full disclosure, Mann is a client of LexBlog.