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Bloglines promises top blog search by summer

In a recent interview with BusinessWeek Mark Fletcher, CEO of Bloglines, promised an updated Bloglines by this summer that will surpass the likes of Technorati, Feedster and PubSub.

Fletcher says that with improved search, Bloglines will lead users to the relevant blogs, and then help them organize all the feeds pouring onto their desktop. He sees the technology automatically grouping the feeds, or perhaps ranking them according to the user’s interests (as documented by clicks).

There is going to be a made scramble from the various RSS aggregators to improve their offerings. It’s not clear what business model there is behind some of these aggregators other than an acquisition play. Bloglines (Ask) and FeedDemon (NewsGator) have already been bought but others are still in play. Plus we now have Google looking like its going to allow users to display their own RSS feeds on a customized Google home page.

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