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Google may turn home page into RSS reader

In what would propel RSS to the forefront and require law firms to get their content into RSS/XML format via blogs, Steve Rubel reports “Google May Turn Home Page Into RSS Reader.”

According to this FAQ, Google may turn its new personalized home page into an RSS reader…

11. Can I add other news sources or feeds?

Not yet, but stay tuned. We chose the currently available feeds for this beta release of personalized homepages in order to give a good sampling of content from across the web. Right now you can choose from among leading U.S. news feeds, international news feeds, technology feeds, and non-tech/non-news feeds. As we continue to improve this feature, we envision enabling users to add almost any standardized feed to your personalized homepage.

The general consensus in the blog community is that Google is going to begin allowing its users to aggregate their own RSS feeds. John Batelle said as much in his post about “MY” Google.

For law firms, you are looking at a gift horse in the mouth if you do not take the opportunity to get your law firm alerts, newsletters and articles into blogs. MSN, Yahoo and soon Google will take this content and serve it up to their users on customized pages. That ain’t bad.