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Google adsense for RSS feeds now live

google_sm.gifWord is out at the Syndicate Conference in New York that Google is taking the wraps off its test program on serving ads on RSS feeds. Google has a page up for each an introduction to AdSense for RSS feeds and for best practices for AdSense on RSS feeds.

Deborah Branscum provides some quick facts about which will now be running in beta form (half of Google’s good stuff is in beta):

  • The ads are targeted off web articles or postings via their permalinks, not the feed itself
  • AdSense for Feeds uses the same technology and the same terms and conditions as Adsense for Web site ads. You’ll need to be an approved AdSense publisher in order to use AdSense for Feeds.
  • News feed ad frequency is predetermined by Google. Google says they are experimenting with it right now.
  • Flexibility is limited. You don’t have to run ads across the entire network but you can’t choose to advertise in feeds only.

Source of post: Deborah Branscum and Phillip Lenssen via Micro Persuasion

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