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51% of blog readers visit a business’ site as result of reading blogs

The results are from Germany, but a recent survey provides businesses some eye openers on the use of blogs. The ones I found most relevant for law firms:

  • 58% of the blog readers, read them to find news and information they can’t find otherwise.
  • 54% form their opinions about products/companies on the basis of blogs.
  • 51% of the blog readers visit product and/or corporate sites as a result of reading blogs.

Law blogs are chock full of information on a niche area of the law one could not find otherwise. The survey says the public looking for such legal info is going to come to these blogs. The survey also tells us that readers of such blogs are going to go to a product and/or corporate sites as a result – in this case the Web sites of the firms publishing such blogs.

The majority will also be formulating on an opinion on you – in the case of a lawyer, your expertise. Publishing a blog on the area of your expertise is a golden opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Both by virtue of the content on your blog and the discussion on the net about you that will ensue.

The other findings of the survey done by the CRM agency Proximity, in which it polled 2,700 internet users about weblogs:

  • 91% of the blog readers expect a fast and appropriate reaction to questions and comments in enterprise blogs.
  • 90% think it’s important to make a clear difference between commercial and non-commercial content.
  • 57% of them are interested in the personal opinions of the authors, but only 43% are interested in the discussions.

Source of post: Webpronews via Jill Fallon and Diva Marketing.

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