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PubSub and Blogpulse monitoring 10,000,000 news and blog feeds

As reported by PubSub’s CTO, Bob Wyman, PubSub and Blogpulse are now monitoring over 10 million news and blog feeds with Technorati to reach that mark sometime this weekend. Wyman says “As of this moment (Friday), we’re monitoring 10,029,037 feeds of which we consider 5,418,993 to be “active.”

These Web sites receive RSS feeds from these millions of news sites and blogs. The content is aggregated and is fully searchable by key word and/or key phrase just like a search engine. You may then set up feeds to deliver you any blog post or news story mentioning the words or phrases desired.

What does this mean for law firms? There is a ton of discussion going on out there on the Internet. Some of that discussion includes people talking about your firm, your lawyers, your clients, prospective clients and matters you are working on, whether litigation or transactional. You need to find and listen to the discussion.
LexBlog Tip: Register to use one or more of PubSub, Technorati, Blogpulse, Bloglines or Newsgator. Most of them are free. Set up RSS feeds to your Web based or desk top aggregator. Then listen to what is being said. As I talk of all the time, then join the Internet discussion, both to enhance your reputation as an authority and defend yourself when necessary.

Source of post: Scobleizer