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Leading lawyer on blogs : clock is ticking for law firms to start blogs

Ernest Svenson, a New Orleans trial lawyer and best known for his blog, ‘Ernie the Attorney,’ posts over at Between Lawyers that law firms are feeling the pressure to start blogs. Interesting for LexBlog that he mentions one of our new clients, Kean Miller and their Louisiana Law Blog.

…Even the corporations that like to operate behind a committee-created mask will learn that when the clock strikes twelve, and the costume party ends, the masks have to come off.

For now, the fact that I blog is good enough for our firm. But eventually we’ll feel more pressure to have a firm-sponsored blog. The pressure will come when other Louisiana firms start blogs. Just like this firm in Baton Rouge, which has just recently started a weblog called Louisiana Law Blog.

How quickly will law firms move to develop weblogs? It depends on a lot of internal and external factors. But the clock is ticking. And for some firms that sound is loud and annoying; for others it is stirring and prompting them to act. When will your firm create a blog?

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick…….

Based on the volume of calls LexBlog is getting from leading law firms across the country, the alarm is beginning to ring on that clock.

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