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Forbes has excellent video interview of Robert Scoble : Watch it today

The ‘Scobleizer Speaks‘ is the title of a feature interview Forbes did with Microsoft’s Robert Scoble. It’s listed among Forbes’ ‘Ten Must-Read Tech Stories.’

Great brief video interview everyone should take a few minutes to watch. Covers, among other things:

  • Why blogs? The answer being to get feedback and because bloggers are great amplifiers for your business and its products.
  • Rules for blogs? “Be smart” is Microsoft’s mantra. They hire smart people and expect them to behave professionally.
  • Watch & read blogs? Of course, to know what is being said about one’s company and your industry. Both by subscribing to the best blogs in your space or putting in keywords in PubSub or Feedster.

Wish I could be as succinct and express myself as well as Robert. Perhaps we’d have more law firms publishing blogs. But I’m getting there.

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