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Blogger’s mobile blogging enhancement is evidence Blogger not suited for professional marketing blogs

I don’t want to be viewed as a ‘blog snob’ but I’ve never viewed Blogger as a tool lawyers should use to grow their business. It’s lacking critical features and the look is not the best.

Blogger’s latest service, mobile blogging, is further evidence Blogger is a tool best suited for social interaction blogs, that is blogs sharing information with friends and relatives. Blogger is not improving its product to serve professionals. Nothing wrong with that, just serves a different market than lawyers.

Just checking out ‘Blogger on the Go‘ with a user snapping a picture of a UFO and sending it off to friends via a blog gives you a good idea of Blogger’s market. Hard to imagine a lawyer snapping off a picture of a judge in the courtroom and sending it off to colleagues as a way to market the lawyer’s services.

Source of post: The Blog Herald

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