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64% of marketers interested in advertising on blogs

I am not a fan of lawyers selling advertising on their marketing blogs (makes as much sense as hanging ads in their reception area) but the fact that Reuters reports 64% of Marketers are Interested in Advertising on Blogs sure indicates the marketing community believes the public is reading blogs.

Key excerpt from the article:

Dan Buczaczer (a director at interactive media buyer Starcom IP) expects a handful of blogs will develop an audience large enough to secure more substantial ad dollars this year. A wave of companies will also start blogs to create more immediate links to consumers in the near term, he said.

As many as 64 percent of marketers are interested in advertising on blogs, according to a Forrester Research study, though their investment would still be a fraction of the $14.7 billion expected to be spent on Internet ads this year.

Another 57 percent are looking to include marketing messages in RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds which allow a viewer to see instantly updating headlines from news, Web logs and other sites via a simple Internet browser.

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