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Blogs for marketing on the rise for small businesses : Inc. Magazine

Blogs are becoming more popular with small businesses that see them as an inexpensive marketing tool and a way to differentiate themselves from the competition according to Inc. Magazine. Though Fortune 500 companies have launched blogs smaller businesses are adopting them more quickly. Law firms are included in this group.

The reasons cited for the increase in the use of blogs:

  • Costs little or nothing to use, which is attractive to businesses with small marketing budgets.
  • Good way to be heard and stand out from the crowd. My friend Paul Chaney, principal of Radiant Marketing group, a blogging consultant firm focused on small businesses was quoted as saying ‘Blogs are a way for you to tell your story over and over again, and do it in a personable way. If you are blogging and your competitor down the street is not, then it can be a competitive advantage.’
  • Per Anita Campbell, editor of the blog Small Business Trends. ‘Large businesses have to worry about what they can say in their blogs. They have to worry about SEC regulations and their different constituents, so small businesses have a better chance of making blogs work for them.’
  • Excellent tool to build relationships and create brand equity as more Internet users see them as viable sources of information.

Source of Post: Micro Persuasion

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