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45% of people find blogs more credible than TV & Internet Ads

According to a recent survey by Hostway, a Web-hosting and managed services provider, 45% of 2,500 respondents feel blogs are as or more credible than television commercials, and 45% feel that blogs are more credible than Internet advertising. Forty-one percent feel blogs are as or more credible that radio advertising.

Here’s the percentages on participants who find the information in blogs equally or more credible than the following sources:

  • 44.8% Television commercials
  • 44.7% Internet advertising
  • 41.2% Other radio programs
  • 40.7% Radio commercials
  • 38.7% Print ads in newspapers or magazines
  • 37.9% Other television programs
  • 36.1% Television or radio Internet sites
  • 34.8% Newspaper or magazine Internet sites
  • 30.8% Television news
  • 30.2% Magazine articles
  • 28.6% Radio news
  • 28.0% Newspaper articles

For a medium that virtually no one heard of a year ago, these are amazing numbers. Law firms would have to be dumb as a box of rocks to blow off blogs a viable and credible marketing and communications tool.

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