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Unique RSS applications for law firms

April 19, 2005

Rok Hrastnik, author of Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS, has an interesting post about creative uses of RSS (real simple syndication). He interviewed Sharon Housely, who heads up marketing for the desktop RSS publishing tool FeedForAll and is constantly in touch with companies implementing RSS as a marketing tool.

Here are some of the unique uses they covered:

  • Using RSS to rotate banners on your website
  • Displaying realtor’s homes for sale using the enclosure tag
  • Distributing PowerPoint presentations and Whitepapers
  • Distributing proposals
  • Videocasting: Delivering video content via RSS

LexBlog is already implementing and in discussions about creative uses of RSS for law firms.

  • Sending content from blogs to designated areas of law firm Web sites so the site is constantly refreshed.
  • Building a library of a law firm’s lawyer produced content in one central blog so the content can be delivered via RSS to various categories in seperate blogs and law firm Web site locations.
  • Building a central aggregator for the content produced on the blogs of LexBlog clients to showcase the leading law firms we work with as well for a few other purposes.

RSS is good stuff. And believe it or not, savvy legal lawyers and legal marketing professionals will come to understand RSS and its power.

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