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Real dangers of blogging as law firm employee

Robert Scoble, publisher of the acclaimed Scobleizer, was interviewed by The New York Times as part of that story on the dangers of blogging as an employee. Turns out The Times missed what Scoble believes is the real danger of corporate blogging.

What’s that? Well, if you blog you might get invited to lunches or dinners with interesting people. Don’t think that’s a danger? Well, watch what happens when you go out drinking with geeks on a Saturday and don’t come home in time.

You lawyers publishing a blog on a niche area of the law to enhance your reputation and grow your business, better watch out. You will get to meet some interesting people, get invited out and if you’re like me, get invited to fly across the country to speak to an audience including of a lot of potential clients. Just be considerate of your spouse and kids and you should be okay.

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