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Movable Type 3.16 just released : law blog improvements coming

April 18, 2005

Six Apart just released Movable Type (MT) version 3.16. MT is the leading blog software for developers and is at the heart of the LexBlog platform.

Most bloggers are not going to notice any changes with this latest release. The focus for Movable Type 3.16 is on code quality and cleaning up what Six Apart calls little issues and bugs that have crept into the code base, either in the past year or, in some cases, since MT was first released.

Don’t know if I would call them ‘little issues and bugs.’ We’ve been pulling our hair out since the last release of MT which caused all types of problems with the email notification system which sends out an email updating non RSS subscribers of a new post to a blog. LexBlog’s been working on it’s own modifications to the email notifier to make sure it works for our clients.

And as folks in the development community know, it’s not merely a situation where the new release is plugged in and you are up and running. We need to test the release to see if it works properly with the LexBlog MT platform, which has been modified for optimal performance and custom designs.

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