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Chapter 3 of Scoble’s and Israel’s business blogging book is online

Chapter 3 of Shel Israel’s and Robert Scoble’s business blogging book is up at their Red Couch blog. As was the case with the first two chapters, not only can you learn from reading the chapter but comments are welcome to improve the end published product.

Chapter 3 is entitled ‘Word-of-Mouth on Steroids.’ It covers relationship marketing explaining that our friends are more influential than any advertising or marketing campaign — always have been and always will be. But until now relationships required direct interactive word of mouth conversations. The problem was that these conversations had limited range.

In this era of superstores, chains and global corporations, business need to reach mass audiences, often times global in scope. So for about 50 years, marketing departments, have put conversational marketing in the back seat and have let broadcast marketing drive.

But with the advent of blogs, word of mouth is truly on steroids. People may easily find and join in a networked discussion.

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