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Wharton School of Business : Blogs here to stay for businesses

Blog growth has not only been staggering but blogs are not just a fad, blogs will be around a long time per the Wharton School of Business, one of the nation’s leading business schools. Great stuff in this article.

Take a look at these highlights, including how companies can use blogs.

Wharton legal studies professor Dan Hunter puts blogging right up there with the printing press when it comes to sharing ideas and disseminating information. ‘This is not a fad,’ says Hunter. ‘It’s the rise of amateur content, which is replacing the centralized, controlled content done by professionals.’

‘At its most basic level, it’s a technology that is lowering the cost of publishing‘ and turning out to be ‘the next extension of the web,’ says Wharton legal studies professor Kevin Werbach. ‘Blogging is still in its early days. It’s analogous to where the web was in 1995 and 1996. It’s not clear how it will turn out.’

Wharton : Opportunities abound for businesses

  • Companies can use bloggers to put a more human face on interactions with employees and customers.
  • Marketers can create buzz through blogs.
  • Bloggers can act as fact checkers for the mainstream media.

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