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JupiterResearch: RSS will have little effect on e-mail marketing – good news for LexBlog

March 22, 2005

JupiterResearch has released the results of a survey claiming RSS will not have a significant effect as a supplemental alternative to e-mail marketing.

  • Most marketers remain skeptical of using RSS as a mechanism to supplement their e-mail marketing newsletter content.
  • 45 percent of marketers have no plans to deploy RSS to supplement e-mail, and only 5 percent currently do so.

Although the findings are interesting, what it merely shows, per Alex Barnett, is that 45% of professional marketing population though not stupid, are ignorant. As Alex posted, just look at the findings of the December WordBiz research report:

  • Although 74% of email marketers are ‘familiar’ with the term ‘RSS’, only about 37% had downloaded an RSS feed reader subscribed to a web-based reader.
  • Only 23% read blogs via an RSS subscription.

My first thought when I saw this report yesterday was similar to Seth Godin’s when he read the survey – it gives people like me time to get it right by providing the latest in marketing technology to leading law firms, before the others show up to screw it up.

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