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Internet Explorer 7 to include RSS & be standards compliant?

News is leaking out that Microsoft’s IE 7 browser, to be included in the next major Windows upgrade, will be standards compliant and will include a built-in news aggregator based on RSS.

The incorporation of RSS into the windows platform is will put blogs and custom news feeds into the mainstream. Internet users are going to come to know RSS as well as email and Web sites. In time, people will sit back and laugh about the days of browsing Web pages for news and information – we’ll have our own custom feeds being delivered via RSS.

Standards compliant Web sites are the lastest in Web design as far as performance, ease of use, lost cost in design/maintenance and are optimal for people with disabilities. Actually they have been around awhile but IE browsers have always made it tough for Standards’ designers because of all the bugs IE creates.

LexBlog uses all standards compliant design because, among other reasons, the high search engine results they will achieve and the cost savings to our clients upfront and in later redesigns. Frankly every law firm should be looking for this in their designers.

Like most things with Microsoft, do not expect to see things overnight.

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