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TypePad access problems

TypePad, a Web based blog service from Six Apart and used by a lot of lawyers for their blogs, has had some server issues during the past few days.
typepadalert.jpgNeville Hobson reports you may have had some problems, at times, in accessing blogs hosted on TypePad and, if using TypePad as your blog service, posting content to your blog. This alert note was posted by Typepad last Friday.

Neville reported today that for a period of about two hours, he could neither log into TypePad nor see his blog. He was getting error messages in the browser saying ‘(111) Connection refused. The remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again.‘ He also could not access any other TypePad-hosted blog during this time. When he was able to post later in the day, it took nearly 10 minutes to save an entry.

Blogs are incredibly demanding on servers. So from time to time, TypePad, because of its popularity and because it hosts so many blogs, will have some problems. But Six Apart is a good company so I expect to see the problems resolved – or at least I hope so for the sake of all the good lawyers blogging on TypePad.

My blog and the other blogs hosted by LexBlog, though running in part on Six Apart’s Moveable Type software, are not hosted by Six Apart nor TypePad. So we have not had such problems – ‘knock on wood.’

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