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Web sites offering TV shows : video from blogs is coming

The New York Times reports in Monday mornings edition that Web sites are experimenting with showing TV Shows online.

In a nascent trend that may vastly complicate life for publishers of entertainment listings, Web sites are beginning to schedule network TV-type lineups of shows. If viewers miss a scheduled program, they must wait and hope for it to show up again. These efforts offer a sharp contrast to the video-on-demand approach for which the Web has become known, but which, executives and analysts said, may not represent the medium’s future.

Bloggers are already experimenting with video. Bandwidth and traveling to high quality studios is what I believe is holding a lot of this back. But expect to see innovative lawyers recording shows to share their intellectual capital with their target audience.

And the good law firms will be ready. They already use video for depositions, witness preparation and the like. The same equipment and processes will allow for uploading video to the net.

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