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Podcasting growth is staggering

Blog publishers are taking to podcasting in a big way. Take a look at the below graph on the number of podcasts Feedburner is tracking (only limited of total podcasts). Sure looks like a hockey stick as far as growth curves go.

In its most basic form, podcasting means recording an audio and playing it on your blog. Your blog readers, or this in case listeners, can listen at anytime by clicking on a link on your blog or download the file to their IPod or other MP3 player. The sound is usually excellent and as a listener there is not the buffering and re-buffering we experienced with early audio on the net.

Innovative lawyers such as Rick Klau, Denise Howell and J. Craig Williams are already podcasting. I’ll be appearing on the new BizBlog Show on the Podcast Network in the coming weeks. I’ll also be coming out with my own Podcast show on Internet Legal Marketing in the very near future.


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