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Denise Howell : law firms should be ready to blog for PR

Blogs are being used for effective PR and it’s time law firms get on board. This coming from Denise Howell, appellate and intellectual property lawyer and publisher of one the premier lawyer blogs, Bag and Baggage.

Denise posted:

It’s really critical for lawyers to pay attention to the fact PR people are blogging, and counseling their clients how to blog. Why? We have to be ready — yesterday — to do the same. As is always the case in the legal profession, once clients grok something, the lawyers who missed it entirely or were sitting on the sidelines scramble like crazy to get up to speed. (Several years ago, there was this seismic, doppler-shifted whoosh with which the entire legal profession switched from WordPerfect to Word. Bad example. Weblogs have far greater force and staying power than word processors.)

By the way, Denise has been publishing Bag and Baggage since November, 2001 – that’s almost 3 and a half years folks. I said earlier in the week Ernie Svenson with Ernie the Attorney may have been the Grandfather of blogging and he’s at 3 years. I hate to call you the Grandmother of blogging Denise after you blogged about your young child over the last year but you are certainly one of those who brought lawyers to blogs. A belated thank you from a greatful soul.

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