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Ernie The Attorney: 3 year anniversary for blog

March 10, 2005

Ernest Svenson’s ‘Ernie the Attorney,’ perhaps the best known blog published by a lawyer, is three years old this month. I’ve called Greg Siskind the grandfather of lawyer Internet marketing for his launch of VisaLaw 11 years ago. Ernie, you’re the Grandfather of lawyer blogs. Congratulations.

On a serious note, I owe you a lot Ernie. It was looking at blogs like yours and Denise Howell’s Bag and Baggage while working out of my garage (yes, on the cement) blanketed with a non-compete from LexisNexis that gave me the idea of starting a business to help lawyers launch and run blogs as a marketing tool.

I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity to serve good lawyers across our country. If not for you, it’s unlikely I would have dreamed up what some saw as a half baked idea. My family and I thank you Ernie and wish you continued success.