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Early moving legal marketing professionals to benefit from huge RSS growth in 2005

February 20, 2005

RSS is rapidly becoming the next standard in commercial web-publishing and online information distribution according to a report from ClickPress. “Still in its infancy, usage is growing exponentially worldwide and it is estimated that by the end of 2005, corporate, entrepreneur and individual users will increase by 40%. Early adopters are benefiting from its beta status with Yahoo, which is offering free registration in its RSS directory.”

Not only is the growth of RSS going to be staggering, look at what the report says about the benefits of RSS for marketing professionals.

  • Its magnetism is rooted in its capability to allow web surfers to get information how and when they want it without surfing to web-sites. Essentially, syndicated content is delivered right to subscribers’ desktops, bypassing over-zealous spam-filtering ISPs, traffic jams and over-stuffed email boxes.
  • Through RSS feeds, clients, prospects, affiliates or employees are allowed to see updated, relevant product and company information without having to actually visit a web-site or weed through their email. By supplying an RSS feed, a company, e-zine publisher or online business constantly stays in front of their subscribers in a more convenient and efficient manner.
  • As is the case with all technological innovations, ‘[RSS] is of immediate importance to internet marketers … and Marketing Directors who grasp the impact that early adoption will have on their businesses’ growth and development over the next five years,’ said Adrian Ling, RSS applications expert and author of RSS Made Easy, the definitive guide to RSSing. [October 2004; ezbiztools]
  • Getting on board now can catapult a company’s online presence from obscurity to exclusivity.

If you do not understand RSS, get moving. I’ll be doing an upcoming Webinar on RSS for lawyers and legal marketing professionals. Drop me an email and we’ll put you on the notification list.

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