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Code of ethics for bloggers

J.D. Lasica, a very well respected blogger, writer and journalist, published a well reasoned article in the USC Online Journalism Review entitled “The cost of ethics: Influence peddling in the blogosphere.” He discusses the broad discrepancy between the traditional journalist’s code of ethics and the standards which have evolved for bloggers.

Though not legal ethics’ guidelines to help guide lawyers in publishing a blog, the below ethics rules are right on the money for those publishing a professional marketing blog.

  • Disclose, disclose, disclose. Transparency – of actions, motives and financial considerations – is the golden rule of the blogosphere.
  • Follow your passions. Blog about topics you care deeply about.
  • Be honest. Write what you believe.
  • Trust your readers to form their own judgments and conclusions.
  • Reputation is the principal currency of cyberspace. Maintain your independence and integrity – lost trust is difficult to regain.

Source: Ross Mayfield

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