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Scoble tip for getting exposure for your law firm

The best way, bar none, to get exposure for your law firm’s blog, and perhaps exposure for your law firm all together, is to have other blogs writing about your lawyers – or at least writing about the expertise your lawyers share via your blog.

Scobelizer, who by the way draws traffic with the likes of the New York Times Web site, gave his best advice on how to get mentioned on the best of blogs. Blog about other bloggers and link to them.

As Steve Rubel said when posting about Scoble’s advice, blogers have egos and pick up that you wrote about them via trackbacks or pubsub. When they notice you, they may blog about you and what you publish on your blog. Plus as Steve said email doesn’t work to get noticed because we get so dam much of it.

Here’s what Scoble said posting from the Demo Convention (leading annual show on innovative tech products):

If I had a company at Demo here’s what I’d be doing right now. I’d be doing anything I could to get bloggers to try out my product. Here’s how to pitch me — just start a blog. Link to me. Use my last name. And then write something like:

Hey, Robert Scoble, I see you were at Demo. Did you check out our product (name the product here) while you were there? We’d love to improve it with your help. Got any suggestions? If you missed it, our product does (put a 25-word description or less here).

I know it sounds strange to many lawyers who only like to talk of themselves but the more you talk of others on the net, the more exposure you’ll get.

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