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Facts that email marketing is dying

I never needed to hear more than Bill Gates telling me that email was an outmoded means of business communication to know that blogs beat email as an effective law firm marketing tool. But now there are some strong facts that email marketing, whether it be direct email or email newsletters, is a dying sport – at least if you are concerned about effective marketing.

The facts:

  • On the average, 64.7% of the business e-mail you send is not even opened, let alone read. [source: Q3 2004 Email Trend Report, DoubleClick ]
  • E-mail marketers are seeing their open-rates range from only “mid-20s to just over 50 %”[source:]
  • AOL receives roughly 2 billion e-mail messages a day, of which about 75 percent are blocked and another 4 to 7 percent are sent to the bulk folder. [source:]

In addition many email marketing companies’ open-rates are inflated by html in an email that pulls in a file to the recipients desktop so as to indicate an opening of the email for the marketing company’s records – whether or not the email was ever really opened.

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