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Beard and Lawson : FeedDemon best RSS reader / news aggregator for PC’s

January 23, 2005

Jeff Beard and Jerry Lawson, both established legal technology leaders, believe FeedDemon is the best RSS reader or news aggregator for you guys using PC’s. I’d take their word for it.

Beard, posting about FeedDemon’s recent updates says FeedDemon “packs a ton of useful features into a very intuitive, fast, and polished package.” Lawson says “FeedDemon is the best RSS reader I’ve found, and while the upgrades aren’t revolutionary, they do make a good product even better.” Thanks guys, I was going to do some testing of news aggregators on LexBlog’s testing PC.

For those who have seen the light and are using a Mac, Netnewswire is the best. Netwnewswire is what I use. After using FeedDemon with contingency fee patent lawyer Phil Mann last Friday, I believe Netnewswire has a better interface for following a large number of RSS feeds.

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