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Comment spam : Google to respond

Getting a little techie here, but word is making its way around the blogosphere today that Google is going to try to limit Blog comment spam. Micropersuasion, Scobleizer and Search Engine Roundtable report Google has been testing and will announce later today a new Google linking mechanism that would omit all links from its PageRank calculations that have a rel=”nofollow” attribute tag. As Steve at Micropersuasion says: “This would change the economics behind why people comment spam popular blogs – to boost their Google search rank.”

Assuming this is true, it’s great news for bloggers, including all of LexBlog’s popular bloggers who are getting hit with comment spam. We have been able to limit spam getting live to our customer’s blogs by using Moveable Type but users still need to delete accumulated comment spam on their blog back-end.

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