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RSS & blog feeds coming to MyMSN

Word has it from John Battelle’s Searchblog, a pretty reliable source, that MSN, through its MyMSN service, will tonight “quietly launch several new features for MyMSN, one of which is the ability to discover, read and search through blog and RSS content.” This will allow you to add RSS feeds to your MyMSN page, just like at MyYahoo.

MSN and Yahoo are among the biggest players in the delivery of content via the Internet. Now that these two are incorporating RSS feeds into the delivery of content, the public’s awareness and use of RSS is only to go rise.

Also note, we are starting to see Bill Gate’s & Microsoft’s imprint on the blog & RSS community. A month ago MSN Spaces, a consumer blog services platform, and now RSS delivery with MyMSN. No matter what you think of Microsoft, these guys have the potential to change the technological landscape in a hurry.

Looks like each day a law firm fails to incorporate RSS delivery of content (built in to blogs) to their target audience just puts them a day behind their competition.

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