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Six Apart acquires Live Journal

January 6, 2005

Six Apart, the company behind TypePad blogging service and the Moveable Type blog software, announced today it acquired Danga Interactive, the producer of Live Journal, another blogging service.

The acquisition appears to be a run for subscribers in that the combined companies will now have 6.5 million blogs in production. This allows Six Apart to stake its claim along side Blogger as one the major blogging services for social interaction. Recently started MSN’s spaces, because of its potential, should be included in this group of the big three, though MSN is dwarfed as far as number of subscribers.

TypePad, Live Journal and especially Blogger, though used by some skilled lawyers as blogging platforms are not viable services for professional marketing blogs for most law firms. Some of the services lack necessary user features. In addition blogs unlike a passive Web site take some skill to effort and market. Lawyers and law firms looking to really take advantage of what blogs offer need a service that provides a custom design, training, search engine optimization and training.

Source for info: Bill Gratsch’s Blawg

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