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Eight tips to build traffic to your marketing blog

Priya Shah, an ezine publisher at EbizWhiz Publishing, rang the bell again with her article on How to Build to Traffic to Your Blog published to today.

Priya tells it like it is. Blogs are not a “Write and they will come” deal. Just like you need to promote your website in order to build traffic to it, you need to promote your blog as well. Priya gives you 8 tips to bring traffic to your blog.

Write Posts That People Will Want To Read

  • Should be common sense, but many marketers tend to forget that their readers are real people and that you need to use the principles of online copywriting to make your headlines and copy interesting to your readers.
  • If you write posts that people enjoy reading, they will reward you by returning to your blog regularly.
  • Make your posts conversational, pithy and topical. Keep them short and stick to one topic per post.
  • Write often and regularly so that both readers and search engines visit your blog more often.

Optimize Your Posts for Search Engines

Priya covers this topic in detail in her article on “Search Engine Optimization For Blogs” but here are the most important rules:

  • Make sure your blog URL contains the primary keyword you want to optimize for.
  • Use your primary keywords in the title of your post.
  • Use your secondary keywords in the body of your post.
  • Use your keywords in the anchor text of links in the body of your posts.

Submit Your Blog and RSS Feed To Directories

Submit your blog and RSS feed to big directories like Yahoo and Dmoz, as well as the numerous blog directories and search engines.

Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites is the premier list of places to submit your feed or blog. It is compiled by Luigi Canali De Rossi, who writes under the pseudonym Robin Good.
RSS Specifications is another list of sites to submit your blog.

Ping The Blog Services

There are a number of services designed specifically for tracking and connecting blogs. By sending a ping to each service you let them know you’ve updated your blog so they can come check you out. This can result in links back to your blog posts. This feature is built into most blog software so certain services may be pinged each time you update your blog.

Pingomatic is a great new service. If your blog software (like Movable Type used by LexBlog) lets you choose URL’s to ping, put in there. Ping-O-Matic will then automatically ping a dozen services.

Build Links To Your Blog

Priya recommends these methods to get links pointing to your blog:

  • Link to your blog from each page on your main website.
  • Trackback to other blogs in your posts.
  • Post legitimate comments on other blogs with related topics.
  • Offer to exchange links with other similarly themed blogs and websites.

Edit Your Blog Posts Into Articles

Priya believes one of the best methods for promoting your blog is to write articles and submit them to article directories. There’s an extensive list of article directories at

Create Buzz About Your Blog

  • Create a controversy around your blog or it’s topic.
  • Distribute bumper stickers or other merchandise with your blog’s URL and tagline.
  • Write a press release about something newsworthy and tie it in with your blog topic.

Capture Subscribers By Email

RSS is at the heart of blogging but email is still the #1 choice of most people who want to receive news and information. A blog platform will have a built in email update component allowing people to subscribe to receive updates to your blog.

Keep up the great work Pyria, your tips are most appreciated.


In addition to her full time job Priya Shah says she is a Blog Maniac and that Blog Brandz is the legitimate offspring of her affair with the blogosphere.

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