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National Center for State Courts’ Report: blogs useful communication tool

December 4, 2004

The National Center for State Courts’ 2004 Report on Trends in the State Courts has issued a report entitled Web Logs: Increasing Courts’ Ability to Quickly Communicate with Constituents. (3 pages, PDF)

For lawyers and legal marketing professionals pushing blogs as an effective marketing tool for your firm but butting heads with conservative lawyers who think blogs are just some goofy sounding word, this report could be the answer. The report describes the effectiveness of blogs, acknowledges law firm marketing blogs and provided examples of judges & courts already using blogs.

The report puts blogs right up there with, if not superior to, Web sites and email as a communications tool:

The courts’ traditional means of communicating with court users are the postal service, the organized media, fax machines, and telephones. In the past decade courts have increasingly used e-mail and Web sites to communicate internally and externally. Web logs, or “blogs,” can be useful communication tools for courts because they are easy to use and accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

My source for this post: beSpacific.

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