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FeedDemon 1.5 now available – use a news aggregator

FeedDemon version 1.5 is now available in beta form. FeedDemon is a desktop news aggregator that allows you to have Web site news and blog updates fed to your desktop via RSS.

Rather than get into the enhancements version 1.5 offers, let me just say you are falling behind the times at an alarming rate if you are not using a news aggregator, whether it be FeedDemon or another one. Sure you can browse to Web sites and read email newsletters for news updates, but why take the time? A news aggregator allows you to have selected news streamed to you. You may then scroll through news headlines in a fraction of the time.

For lawyers and other professionals, time is money. You will never know what you are missing until you start using a news aggregator. LexBlog’s PC customers like FeedDemon. For Mac users, use Netnewswire.

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