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Predictions on lawyer blogs by Dennis Kennedy are right on the money

Twenty-one months ago, in February, 2003 Jim Calloway, the Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association Management Assistance Program, interviewed Dennis Kennedy, one of the most respected tech lawyers & consultants about the lawyer blogging phenomenon.

Dennis was asked about why lawyers would take to blogs, the advantages of blog publishing for a lawyer and where he saw the world of lawyer blogs going. Amazing to take a look at his answers today to see how how right on he was. Here’s some excerpts from the interview on lawyer blogs.

Why did you become a lawyer blogger?

It’s a great new medium for short, to-the-point, articles with links. Blogs are tailor-made for writers, but the real attraction is something known as RSS feeds, which allow you to have an instant audience for your work.

What do you see in the future of lawyer blogs, or blawgs?

For certain lawyers, they can become a new and valuable channel for communication to clients and potential clients and they can quickly help a lawyer establish credibility and expertise in a niche area.

Blogs are Internet resource tailored to writers and people who like headlines and short coverage of breaking events and developments. They will not replace browsers or the web, but they will capture and be important for certain segments of people, much like instant messaging, chat or newsgroups each have audience segments. The good news is that the likely audience for blogs is an educated, tech-savvy audience who are interested in the written word – a good audience for lawyers.

Do you have any tips for the lawyer blogger wannabee?

It’s like 1995 and web pages – if you launch a law blog now, you’ll always be considered one of the pioneers.

The key to understanding the utility, promise and excitement of blogs is understanding the value of RSS feeds, sometimes referred to as news feeds or channels. Before you think about launching a blog, download a news aggregator, such as Amphetadesk. Amphetadesk is free and simple. Install it and start subscribing to a bunch of channels that interest you and get a feel for how the feeds work. [Note, with two years hindsight I would now suggest FeedDemon for your RSS feeds.] If you see the value, you will get the bug to do your own blog.

I would suggest thinking about narrowly defined subject areas, but I suspect that you still have a shot at becoming the first or a premier law blog in your city or state.

Dennis is a prolific writer. I strongly suggest adding his blog to to list of blogs you are receiving by RSS. That way you’ll stay about two years ahead of the competition.

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