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Movable Type 3.1 update

I reported last week on Six Apart’s release of Moveable Type 3.1, an upgrade from MT 3.0. Though I have only positive things to say about Six Apart and MT software in general, developers are reporting problems upgrading existing MT blogs to MT 3.1. Under the circumstances, lexBlog is not going to do immediate upgrades of its current customer blogs and would advise people to go slow on upgrading their own MT blogs.

The issues I have read about appear related to upgrades, as opposed to an original install of MT 3.1 software for a new blog site. People, including developers who I have a lot of respect for, are having problems that include getting existing plugins to work and the subcategory feature to work as planned.

MT has a good following of talented developers using MT who are networked both via the developers’ own blogs and via Six Apart’s development community. Because of this and the stake Six Apart has riding on MT, I expect these issues to be resolved in the near future.

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