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Lawyer blog solves email marketing and law firm newsletter problems

Great article on blogs today on about corporate blogs and how they solve the problem of clogged email boxes and spam eaters when it comes to the once powerful email marketing tool.

As email marketing via email newsletters loses its effect, law firms will be seeking to fulfill this lost art of communication between their law firm and clients. A blog, like says, may be the perfect business tool to fit the bill.

The article was to good not share the highlights with you. Here they are in the problem and solution format:


Many marketing methods and advertising spiels fall on blind eyes and deaf ears across the net today with such a medium we have created where advertising is abundant and often shoved at us in every direction.


Visitors will come to your blog of their free will to read your newest content of choice, giving you a higher ratio of targeted visits.


Email marketing is losing ground. Overflowing email inboxes and spam filters that don’t deliver your ezine.


Using your blog as a web based area for your product and service announcements and updates. When someone subscribes to your blog or RSS feed, they will receive automatic updates that include the headline, summery and URL of your new entries.


Email gets deleted – Blogs get indexed in search engines!


Internet marketing can be a nonpersonal medium, gaining trust becomes increasingly harder and more important to gain new customers.


Blogging can give your visitors, existing and potential customers a great area to gain insight about the face you present to the world. If you’re a small business owner to a large corporate business, you can benefit by giving your company or web site personality via blog.

And of course hit on the biggest reason for lawyers to use blogs, as opposed to Web sites, for marketing: “Search engines love them. Most bots including google will visit and reindex blog pages daily. Yahoo will index your RSS free and quickly.”

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