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Moveable Type 3.1 coming to lawyer blogs

mt3-logo-small.gifAt BlogOn 2004 (July 23 in Berkeley), Six Apart, the creator of Moveable Type will be demo’ing some of the features of its next version, Movable Type 3.1. No details yet but Six Apart says they’ll have more information as the event draws closer.

lexBlog uses MT 3.0 for our lawyer customer’s blogs. We’ve had to do some programming and fixes to a few of the MT 3.0 features. I am hoping that Six Apart can make some fixes on the email distribution feature and a small bug on the comments feature. I would also like to see some additional html commands and a spell check when entering a post.

Blogger, short on a lot of features necessary for a professional business blog, just included a spell check and few other html commands (bulleted lists, numbered lists, indented paragraphs).

A spell check on MT would be great. I advise our law firm customers to use a blog editor, that comes with many newsreaders, or to cut and paste into their email program for spell checking their blog entries. Using a word processor like Word is not a good idea because of the coding it throws in resulting in some funny symbols at times.

We think MT is the best blogging tool out there. 3.1 is only going to bring improvements to our current and future lawyer blogs. On the cynical side, watch out for a jump in the current special price of $195 for the MT commercial license to go to $295.

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