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Law blogs fed with public information a marketing bonanza

Speaking with someone today reminded me there are an awful lot of lawyers practicing in niche areas of the law for which there are public records, decisions and the like which could easily be blogged.

Such areas of the law are a home run for lawyer blogs. One, there is readily accessable content – and content is king on the net. Two, the content will already be filled with keywords describing the lawyer’s area of practice.

Content heavily laiden with keywords is the holy grail for search engines. Forget paying big bucks for search engine optimization of your law firm Web site, you will not be able to keep from getting high search rankings if you tried.

What areas of the law am I talking about and how could such a blog be done? The areas of law are endless – securities decisions from the NASD, workers’ comp decisions from your state workers’ comp division, NLRB decisions or whatever. You do not need to post all the decisions – you could focus on a more defined area – perhaps churning decisions from NASD – and that’s just pulling something out of my hat.

These decisions are public record. You or your firm’s lawyers are already reading them as part of staying up to speed in the area. Why not share the information you are already storing in a file or in your mind via a killer marketing application? You paid for the information once with your tax dollars. You have the right to use the records now.

Post them into a blog, index them by category, add your two cents now and again and you develop a bible on the niche topic. If you personally do not have the time to cut and paste things and to categorize them in a blog, pay someone ten bucks an hour. If you can get a better return on investment on your marketing dollars than that – go for it!

This information surrounded by tasteful promotional info on you or your law firm’s practice group will bubble to the top of search engine rankings in a short time. Folks doing a search on the legal issue by topic and/or jurisdiction will find your blog postings all over their search results. Your posts will be stuck on their computer screens like gum on a shoe.

If it sounds too hard, then don’t do it. Go back to spending in some cases tens of thousands of marketing dollars. Build law firm Web sites that are a nightmare for the marketing department to update with helpful information for clients. Even if the content gets up on the site, it’s tougher than heck to get clients and prospective clients to return to the law firm site.

But if you are looking for a good, cost effective way to market a niche area for a lawyer or law firm practice group, I don’t think this one can be beat.

If you do not understand how to do it or want more ideas on the concept, give me a call. As with marketing any new technology my time is on the house.

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